book review

I really enjoyed reading this book about mindful eating.


Food always tastes better when someone else prepares it

The best food I had today was a meal made by my boyfriend. He made for dinner tonight a spear of broccoli with a little butter, salmon with sun dried tomatoes, cucumber slices and sliced baked potatoes. I really appreciated the meal after a day of work to come home to supper already made.

Food Matters

Hi fellow bloggers -It’s september and even though I don’t start school anymore at this time, I always feel it’s time to start something new in september. This september I’m committed to sharing on this site for my blog 101 course for the next 19 days daily until friday september 25th when the course ends. I’d like to use this blog to tell you what I’m cooking and eating at home. I love trying new foods and for me food has always been something very memorable. I have been told I have an elephant’s memory for what I was eating or wearing when a certain event in my life happened and for this reason I think food matters for more reasons than one. I also love to read and any great resources I find about how to enjoy food I’d also love to share with you and tell you my thoughts on. If I attend any food related events or eat any delicious foods (which is very likely living in Toronto, Ontario where the diversity of food available is amazing) I’ll also report back about them. My goal with this blog is to help people enjoy what they eat more and even enjoy the process of preparing food (perhaps some tips to speed up food prep and come away with something mouth watering to enjoy). I’d love to connect with people who have similar goals and how they bring joy to their lives through food. I’m also aware that enjoying food can be a challenge for many and would be happy to hear about challenges people have as well with making food a joyful part of life.